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Architectural Design

As Architectural Designers, we provide the best industry trends and best practices to keep your organization at the forefront of success our team.   We gather and analyze source material, design research programs, perform in-depth research, and create reports on our findings.  We also supervise other research work as well as advise on research projects to ensure that quality standards and deadlines are met.


We are known to bridge the gap between city and suburban areas to unleash an eclectic development that enhances the process of regeneration and create a common vision and convey the benefits of creating urbanized projects that affect future change in our urban communities.

Competitive Edge

Our designers have the competitive edge because they live in underserved communities.  They understand what it feels like not to have a grocery store in your nearby neighborhood, no grass to play in, no trees to receive clean air, no gardens to eat healthy.  Their expertise focuses on the space function and how it will effect and make people's lives better.

Urban Planning

Our plans develop designs in urban areas to meet the need of the community and generations to come.  We look at the following factors: improving economics, public health, quality of air, and technology to prepare cities and towns for the future.


Our goal is to resolve current and potential problems by shaping the physical features of cities, regional spaces, and towns.

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Our promise

To care about the clients we serve, the partners we support, and the team we build as we reach new heights in excellence.

Cherie Griffith Dunn LLC-CGD brings the highest standards of excellence and professionalism to every engagement. 


We work closely with our clients, listening to their specific needs and tailoring services to meet and exceed their expectations. We are focused on driving results, on-time and within budget.

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