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Leadership & Organizational Development 

As Leadership and Organizational Developers, we build intrinsic motivation by creating a team focus on outcomes and goal achievement.  By fostering collaboration and transparency for teams, reducing friction to progress and increase organizational rhythm and harmony with integrated projects and communication.  By developing cross-functional teams to execute with speed, powerful intent, and responsiveness.  We can help cultivate a culture of innovation with fearless ideation and open brainstorming.  Allowing us to provide teams tools and processes to manage dependencies and regulate consistent work coordination.


We understand leadership has the greatest opportunity to influence the energy and engagement of any organization.  We are here to to design and deliver leadership development solutions across all levels of leadership.



We believe in developing new, forward thinking initiatives to keep up with rapid and ongoing changes in the global marketplace.  While upgrading skill sets but also the requisite new mindsets develops the best culture for the organization and invest in that leadership culture

What We Do

Our passion is to transform your organizational culture to reach new, higher levels of collaboration and effectiveness.  Develop a leadership strategy based on your values, practices, and, of course, your teams and sync your culture and your business aspirations through organizational culture training designed to move your company forward successfully.


We are committed to providing leadership development solutions at all levels that focus on and transform the whole leader.  We will partner with you to discover your specific leadership development gaps and goals before we suggest a solution tailored to your organizational learning needs, time frame, and budget. Our best-in-class learning services fully support the learning solution for designing and customizing content, implementing your initiative, training, and measuring impact and reporting results.

Business Meeting
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Business Meeting

Our promise

To care about the clients we serve, the partners we support, and the team we build as we reach new heights in excellence.

Cherie Griffith Dunn LLC-CGD brings the highest standards of excellence and professionalism to every engagement. 


We work closely with our clients, listening to their specific needs and tailoring services to meet and exceed their expectations. We are focused on driving results, on-time and within budget.

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