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Why You Want NEED A LinkedIn Profile Makeover Sooner Than Later

Why LinkedIn Video

In this post you’ll discover why you need a LinkedIn profile makeover sooner than later. See, I’ve reviewed hundreds (if not thousands) of LinkedIn profiles. However, when I review a LinkedIn profile, I tend to do so through the lense of my experience optimizing LinkedIn profiles to generate leads and sales opportunities from LinkedIn for business-to-business companies. Now, chances are your LinkedIn profile is one that’s been developed using the LinkedIn profile wizard...making it little more than an online resume. Albeit a quality resume, but not so useful when it comes to sales and marketing. Meaning your profile is costing you several opportunities to connect and engage with targeted prospects. Don’t sweat it though, because not only am I going to identify these opportunities for you one-by-one, I’m going to explain why you need a LinkedIn profile makeover sooner than later... Reason 1: Visibility A profile provides two important contributions to your visibility on LinkedIn. First, is the use of keywords to ensure you show up in a search for the keyword(s) a prospect or customer might use to find you. It’s likely your current profile doesn’t contain any keywords that are used by your prospects or customers to find or identify people in your space. Second, is a headline that positions you as an expert in your personal business niche or field. A “headline” is the phrase that shows up underneath your name on the profile. Again, your current headline works for a resume, but prospects want to know how you can help them. The headline is so important because it’s often all a prospect gets to see to decide if he/she wants to know more about you or not. Reason 2: Relevance B2B buyers go to LinkedIn primarily to connect with people who can make their jobs easier, and/or increase their current results. If you want your prospects to connect and engage with you, you have to tell them why. The best way to do this is to clearly communicate the benefits you can deliver. This is best done in the Experience section, as then it’ll also show up in LinkedIn searches. Reason 3: Credibility The experience section also gives you an opportunity to remove perceived risk on the part of the prospect by offering proof that what you say you’ve done, you’ve actually done. Case studies, testimoni

als, awards, and media coverage are all effective forms of social proof. Reason 4: Personality Buyers come to LinkedIn to connect and engage with real people. Every interaction on LinkedIn should show some personality, and your profile is a great place to start. It makes you appear more human, more approachable. The key to this of course is to tell your story in a friendly, confident tone, and to write like you talk (warts and all). Meaning that your profile should be written in first person. So there it is... Your current profile probably works if your objective is to find a new job. However, if you’re looking to generate leads, and sales opportunities, you need a LinkedIn profile makeover sooner than later. And it just so happens, I provide professionally-designed LinkedIn profile makeovers… So if you’re ready to start generating leads, and sales opportunities for your business, and would like to learn more, click on the link below.

Cherie Griffith-Dunn

Executive Business Coach

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Expert


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