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Cyber Security MIS

As a Certified Cyber Security MIS firm we have been able to blend business knowledge with information systems tools thus solving business related issues using technology. We specialize in identifying the behavioral aspects of information methodology using a 5 key step process: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Authenticity, and Non-Repudiation to align your business goals.  As a certified CMMC II we are working with small to medium size businesses providing the necessary support to pass the assessment.  CMMC is a pillar of acquisition and needs to be apart of your culture to fight against cyber incidents and safeguard your business.


Secure Your Organization

Our experience in managing highly secure environments of major enterprises has proven that, by closely integrating security and operations, the security of the network dramatically increases.


Because of our cybersecurity operations expertise, we can assist in developing the security and operations team into a functional unit whose prime responsibility is protecting the network from failures, hackers, network misconfigurations, viruses, Trojan Horses, and other vulnerabilities and threats.

Protect Your Investment

No matter the scope, size, or specifications of your industry, you rely on computer systems to facilitate operations and are faced with cybersecurity threats that weren’t even considered just a few years ago.

CGD is skilled in the analysis, recommendation, deployment, and management of all critical components of the security infrastructure.

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Business Meeting

Our promise

To care about the clients we serve, the partners we support, and the team we build as we reach new heights in excellence.

Cherie Griffith Dunn LLC-CGD brings the highest standards of excellence and professionalism to every engagement. 


We work closely with our clients, listening to their specific needs and tailoring services to meet and exceed their expectations. We are focused on driving results, on-time and within budget.

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